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MOB Studio is an audio engineering firm known for recording mixing, producing, and engineering. Its wide range of technology has reinforced music and beat making attractive old and contemporary Africa rhythms

Getting Stems

Stereo recordings sourced from mixes of multiple individual tracks.


We will teach you how to balance sonic elements of a stereo mix and optimize playback across all systems and media formats.

Project Work Frame

Let’s take your brand to The next level

You’ll be groomed and mentored about mix engineering and music producing.

Possigee Mix Class 2021

The government and leaders of our art and creative sector have contributed less to upsurge the music industry which could increase foreign-direct investments in the country. It is by this context that Possigee, CEO of MOB Studios Inc. has devoted himself to help augment the sound engineering situation in Ghana by impacting the tacit knowledge and experience acquired in sound engineering to the youth of today.

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