The government and leaders of our art and creative sector have contributed less to upsurge the music industry which could increase foreign-direct investments in the country. It is by this context that Possigee, CEO of MOB Studios Inc. has devoted himself to help augment the sound engineering situation in Ghana by impacting the tacit knowledge and experience acquired in sound engineering to the youth of today.

Possigee is a highly detail-oriented and dedicated Live Sound Engineer with significant experience in sound production in all genre of music. He operates a top-level facility with all state-of- the-art musical production equipment. He is able to adjust work space to accommodate changing performance schedules and deadlines.

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The Mix Class

The chapter to master mixing in sound engineering has been undulating in the creation of music in Ghana in the sense that mix engineers as at now are uncommon in the system to work on artist music. Legends in the early 80’s and 90’s, and the Millennials glide to the shores of Europe to mix the beats of their albums and Eps to make music appeal and match the quality of listeners.
This Is Our Goal
The goal of the Possigee Mix Class is to engage young and creative engineers to learn the construction of fundamental mixing techniques that apply Digital Audio Workstations (DAWS) like Pro Tools, DP and Ableton, to flesh out proper production methods that take a track from inception to completion in a legitimate studio session, and allowing them to mix along in real time.
This masterclass series is open to the upcoming and already existing sound engineers and also bring together participants as well as key stakeholders available to roll on this session to share enormous lessons on the road to success that will move forward the Ghana music industry. Get further inside knowledge and ask all those questions you’ve been wanting to be answered. We must do more to revive the entertainment industry.


We are committed to developing talent in audio/sound engineering, for that reason Possigee Mix Class has opened its doors to all interested persons with little background in audio/sound engineering.
Interested participants can register for this 3days maiden event by clicking the ‘REGISTER’ button below, filling out the forms online, and submitting after registering. Once you have submitted the completed forms, you will be contacted with all other necessary instructions regarding payments, course outline, access cards, event plan & schedules, certification, etc. At the end of this Master Class Training Sessions, you will have a confident grasp of key audio production elements that will undoubtedly make you more confident and knowledgeable in the studio and also become one of the prolific and most well-rounded audio engineers.


The 2021 maiden event comes off in March, 2021 which will host several key personalities at the British Council, Accra. Make yourself a date to apply for the event as we bring you top personalities to share ideas on the road to success in the music industry.


The PMC is aligned with leading industries whose focus are to strengthen the art and cultural sector of the country’s growing economies, with sounds and music being an explicit ad to services and products in today’s business trade.


The PMC Room is a matchmaking platform that convenes key stakeholders and participants to network during the event. It also creates an eco-system to reflect on the Awal Foundation to give away to the community and create awareness to streets talents capable of becoming sound engineers by supporting the foundation.   Thedefinite articleMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)
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You will learn the  best creative and modern ways of producing

We are committed to developing talent in audio/sound engineering, for that reason Possigee Mix Class has opened its doors to all interested persons with little background in audio/sound engineering.